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If you have a business, no matter the size, it’s vital to have a social media presence. Social platforms allow your company to connect with customers to brand awareness which can ultimately boost your leads and sales. But, as we all know, social media is a lot of work.


You have to create content, post it, monitor it and optimise it. Then you need to post regularly if you’re going to: drive traffic, engage your followers, build your follower base and so forth, But, let’s not forget you have a business to run; emails to respond to, problems to solve and a live to live!


Fear not, on this episode we discuss social media automation and how technology can take care of some of the work.


John Preston, director of Superstar Bots chats with Trish about:


– The social media landscape and how it’s changing

– The benefits of social media automation

– How to get started with social media automation

– How to ensure automation doesn’t come at the expense of personalisation




Full automation walk through video:




Manychat Link


Tech Manchester Template


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Host: Patricia Keating

Guests: John Preston, director Superstar Bots

Listening Time: 38 mins

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